A tribal week end of deep immersion in the cacao love energy in two Steps.
Friday 24th march : pure cacao celebration
Saturday 25th march : cacao magic celebration with workshops to get prepared for this higher experience : chocolate factory, 5 tibetans rites, Osho meditative dance…

Activities are presented below after the program.
Don’t hesitate to call on whats’app for special informations

☯ Friday : Cacao Ritual & Tribal Dance, 20h
– Cacao ritual with Xocoltal and raw cacao seeds
– Qi Gong
– Tribal Dance
– Massage duo with cacao butter
– Soup and refreshing drinks

☯ Saturday morning 10h : New Wake
– 5 Tibetan rites
– Superfood breakfast

☯ Saturday afternoon 14h : Earth Chakra
– Chocolate factory
– Osho earth dynamique meditation
– Light dinner
– Break for walk, meditation, sleep

☯ Saturday night 20h : Cacao Magic Ritual & Tribal Dance, 14h
– Cacao ritual Magic chocolates
– Songs and Meditation
– Tribal Dance
– Relaxation
– Open live music cession
– Soup and refreshing drinks

☯ Sunday morning 10h/12h : New Wake
– 5 Tibetan rites
– Superfood breakfast


☯ Cacao Ritual 1st night ☯
It is a divine experience with the sacred Theobroma Cacao we receive by eating raw cocoa seeds and Xocolatl (ancestral Aztèque beverage).
Cacao open the heart and awake our kundalini when absorbed in quantity with chili. Aphrodisiac, euphoric and energizing effects ! Baptized Theobroma Cacao L by botanists, which means food of the gods, cocoa connects us to our inner god

☯ Cacao Ritual 2nd level ☯
For this second ritual, we mix the cacao with magic ingredients to offer a more deeper experience. We prepare together in the afternon doing a chocolate factory.

☯ Qi Gong ☯
In the introduction to Tribal Dance, we propose a series of movements inspired by Yoga and Qi Gong, enabling us to circulate energy, relax the body and mind and sublimate the effects of Cocoa.

☯ Tribal Dance ☯
Inspired by the « medicine » dance or 5 rhythms dance, the Tribal dance is an invitation to trance with theobroma cocoa. It is a free dance and anchor. The communication is visual, gestural, tactile, tribal.
We prepare a live mix that will be amplified with percussion and other live instruments. An instrumentarium will also be available for participants. Musicians welcome.
We slowly go down an integrate the experience by a deep music relaxation.

☯ 5 Tibetan rites ☯
It’s a simple and daily yoga practice, 2500 years heritage from the Tibetain monges. Thoses 5 movements activates our andochrynian glands or chakras.

☯ Chocolate factory ☯
From the cacao beans to the paste, butter and powder, you will learn how to do your own raw chocolate with your favorite flavors. Why raw ? Just because we don’t cook over 45°C to preserve the nutriments and divine properties. Be prepared to cook with your earth and solar energy ! Organic, lactose and gluten free, the most healthy and tasty chocolate you will have ever eat and done.

☯ Osho earth dynamique meditation ☯
We gonna practice some meditative dance in order to get physically and mindly prepared for the night experience

☯ Tribal Dress Code ☯
The ceremony is participative, festive and colorful. We will have paintings urucum and cocoa available (please arrive on time). Make-up and other tribal inspirations are welcome.

☯ Get prepared ☯
We recommand to arrive with empty stomach,
Free of any alcool or drugs consumption

☯ Price ☯
– 50€ 1st night
– 90€ 2nd night
All include
Limited capacity of 20 people

☯ Location ☯
A peacefull house in a quite village close to Sintra.

☯ Questions ☯
– For ritual and workshop : Jeff – jeff(at)timeisart.fr – +33(0)6 21 88 37 23
– For accomodation and hospedagem : Nilson – nilsondourado(at)gmail.com – +351 913 195 575

Happy to celebrate magic with you