#Headphone experience of Cacao Ritual.

#Outdoor Sunset 

Guided by Julia Mander & Jean-François Caroff


Dear Yogi,

We are please to co-create for you a magical journey enjoying being together in a circle under the pin-trees, bathing in the light of the automnal sunset.

—> The very special thing is that we gonna flow into  intimate sounds waves trough wireless Headphones.


We gonna breath, we gonna meditate, we gonna stretch and we gonna dance !!! 


Let’s dive through sacred sound in a vibrant movement meditation.


Guided by our divine breath we will move through kriyas that bring us back into our heart.


The movement is the heartbeat of the soul. Through yoga we will connect and dive deeper into who we are


Voice guidance, ecstatic music, live instruments, with and without headphones for experiencing our inner silence, feeling i this sound bubble and proximity and also switch to the natural vibrations of our voices and instruments.


Thanks to the divine Cacao to give us a powerful support to open our hearts and rise up our energy in our kundalini. We gonna feel the maternal love and share together by dancing.


35€ – Only by reservation



Beach 20mIn from Palma

Thanks for your confirmation, with pleasure to celebrate with you.


Jeff & Julia