SOUND MEDITATION 4 elements healing

This is a very deep meditation guided by live music played by Jean François Caroff with its multiples instruments.

It is a special journey connected to love, peace and harmony to receive the blessing of our mother nature and catch the energies of the fire, the air, the earth and the waters.

This sound journey is an invitation to connect to the beauty of the universe trough the sounds and there vibrations. 

We bring this beauty back into our cells in order to make our most true being bloom.

The instruments vibrations make resonance to all our chakras with all the elements, with the visibles and invisibles worlds.

It is a great happiness without words, it is pure vibration and each experience is unique.

Gratitude to the universe for giving me the confidence to become one with the instrument and letting myself be crossed by these beautiful rhythms and melodies.

YOGA ORKESTRA : Music for yoga sessions

YogaOrkestra offers a fluid practice and opens sensations by freeing the mind.

In this music inspiration, the instruments are chosen to harmonise the sound vibration with the movement engaged by the teacher.

The instruments vibrations are the key that opens the doors to our sacred space.

YogaOrkestra elevate participants on alpha waves. On this frequency, our brain is in a state of meditation, of letting go and getting closer to the frequency of the earth.

Our mind is soothed, our cells vibrate, our yoga is even more powerful.

« It’s a deep yoga experience where your cells vibrate with the sounds »

ஜீன் ஃபிராங்கோயிஸ் கரோஃப்

DJ MIX : Create a magic journey

Creating a playlist and making the songs dance together is magic.

Whether to chill, meditate or dance, it’s originality and good taste that will tickle our cells and create the atmosphere.

Ecstatic Dance, Cacao ceremonies and other events offer new research in this huge library to capture the emotion that will then be shared.

Digital technology and its artists offer us music full of emotions, real jewels to embrace eras and continents.

The goddesses are descended from the stars and man plays his instruments to the rhythm of the heart to make them dance by bouncing on the earth and thus helping them to return to their constellations …

Music is a force of the nature.

I mixed in various clubs and alternative parties in Paris and Sao Paulo, mainly between 1999 and 2011.
I created musical atmospheres for the Palais de Tokyo restaurant in Paris.

To accompany yoga sessions in live music, I resumed contact with my instruments in 2012.
Since then, I have expanded my collection of percussion, flutes and drums.

The Tibetan monks use the vibration of the sounds emitted by the singing bowls so that their prayers touch the heart of the listener.
That’s why i take care that my music brings joy and love to those who listen to it and feel it.

Playing music is for me an incredible meditation and connection with the universe.

To be in vibration with the moment, that’s Time is Art !