Vegan & superfood pop up diner experience – Berlin

In February, TIME is ART was invited to perfom with the original cuisine concept Sol Semilla and vision of the events of the future…

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SomoS Art House invites you to a festive exploration of the world of Super Foods and the organic cuisine. Guiding us into this journey is the Amazonian Chef Joelma, who cooks at Sol Semila, a 100% vegan cuisine project in France.

Joelma develops a healthy cuisine, tasty and richly flavorful. Intuitively, she composes innovative dishes incorporating fruit flavors and seasonal vegetables, grains, seeds, herbs, spices and superfoods.
Be ready to try some raw cacao beans, Bananaaçai, micro algae, touches of Spirulina, raw salads and a handful of exotic flavors.

The courses are accompanied by an introduction to the legend, folklore and history behind the dinner’s ingredients.