Welcome to Time is Art!

Connect, Dance, Nourish

How do you connect to your different bodies?

How do you dance life?

How to nourish your body, mind and soul?

We are a Tribe of Human Souls
Bridging ancestral and native cultures with modern wisdom

An association of talents that links South American and European cultures

Our Weapons are Peace, Love and Joy

we share through circles of union and knowledge

We create opportunities to manifest our souls in the collective, while realising the true essence of each of our beings

We Honour the Wisdom of our Elders
to navigate and benefit from our present world.
Playing the synchronic power of the present time, thus exploring other perceptions of space time.

Our dedication is to facilitate spaces of transformation for those who feel the call, to be part of a new world.

As an agency, Time Is Art provides services for your family, company and events.

We will be happy to celebrate together into our circles and retreats.

We are available to accompany your body-soul-spirit transformation

in Europe and in Brasil.